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We raise money as a PTA with your donations and our goal this fall is to raise $30,000 so that we can continue to give the school amazing experiences like Donuts for Dad, Muffins for Mom, and STEAM Night to name a few.

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Read below for find out about ways the PTA helps the students of Holly Avenue!

What does the PTA do for our school?

1. We help support supplemental education programs for Holly Avenue students such as:
2. We help bring fun and entertainment to education by:
3. We have social and community building events that are fun and rewarding for our students including:
4. We help reduce costs for teachers and the library.

Many teachers in te U.S. spend $1,000 or more per year out of their own pocket to provide resources, classroom books and rewards for their students. We help Holly Avenue teachers by purchasing books for classrooms and the library, as well as giving teachers 10% of contributions collected by their students to user for materials in their classroom.

5. Annual Gift to School!

This is an important part of the Holly Avenue Elementary PTA program. Gifts in the past have included a large copy machine including yearly maintenance, picnic benches, small playground equipment, and health office supplies.

All of the above are made possible because of your support, membership, and ideas. Please join us at any association meeting. Get some refreshments, chat with other parents and find out what is happening on our campus for your children and family. We look forward to seeing you!